Saturday, 16 October 2010

new recordings soon..and soundtrack

we've got a bunch of new recordings ready to mix.

We had a couple of days recording with Duncan Young (grozny, gropetown, winning sperm party) firing mics at us in CCA room 5...

Looks like we'll end up with one VOL E.p.. and one VOL with Guests L.p.. kind of thing.
The E.p will be a couple of duo song forms and a couple of sound scapes.
The L.p is us with guests...who are:

Raydale Dower of Uncle John & Whitelock and Tut Vu Vu on a processed Clarinet.
Ruari MacLean of Tiny Little Hearts, Gummy Stumps and Golden Grrrls on 2nd Drums
Rory McIntyre from Ballad of Mable Wong on Guitar
We're also going to get some thoughts in vocal form from Spicy Colin Stewart of Bubble Wrap Hollocaust and Gummy Stumps... and i'm liking the idea of squeezing a Chorus in there somewhere but that shit'll have to brew some longer....

i hope to start mixing soon, got all the notes in the world but now it's time to remove thumbs from ass and wrap fingers round . . ...mixing knobs...
Don't know how long it'll take to get done..but i don't think that matters

Things could get delayed when we start work on a soundtrack for a film that jack's brother, Nick Figgis just wrote and directed... all i know is it was filmed in Wales at's dark (as in darkly lit) ...i think it's a horror...i know it's abstracted but with a narrative and actors...looking forward to that.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Damo show pics

none of us mind....i'd like to think it was because Alex was so absorbed in our set that he forgot to shoot...but that is most likely shite...
Here's the other guys playing sounded a beautiful wall...i loved it.
Jack, who mixed the show, did a very good job..thumbs up.

Rafe Fitzpatrick - violin
Matt Evans - bass
Hamish Black - guitar
Peter Kelly - drums
Peter Nicholson - cello

we played with Damo Suzuki the other night

Last Saturday we played an improvised set with Damo Suzuki on vocals and Rory from Ballad of Mable Wong on was an experience..rory filmed it. Haven't watched it yet.

boring no2 boring..ooh look..

boring blog no.1

here is our studio.
we share it with Errors, Eternal Fags, Gummy Stumps and Tut Vu Vu.

this is boring blog no.1